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The Official Seal

The official seal of the municipality symbolize the abundance of water resources. The five (5) waves like water denotes the two (2) big rivers namely Daguitan and Marabong Rivers, while the three (3) smaller one are the Gibuga, Malitbog and Guinarona Rivers. The brown colour figure “Tibud” which is a water container that is made of clay correspond the traditional usage of storing potable water of the previous generation of the community. On the other hand, the knotted-rope around the seal symbolises the seventy-seven (77) barangays that composed the Municipality. The background green colour signifies being an agricultural town and advocating the protection of natural resources and its environment.

With the presence and abundances of water of the town, the Municipality of Burauen is being capitalized and dubbed as “The Spring Capital of Leyte.”